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When it comes to maintaining a clean and tidy home, many individuals in Singapore opt for part time home cleaning services. However, there are two main options to choose from: full time and part time home cleaning. Understanding the key differences between these two types of services is essential for making an informed decision. In this article, we will explore the when you should hire full time and part time home cleaning services in Singapore so you can determine which option best suits your needs.


Full Time Home Cleaning



Comprehensive Cleaning

One of the primary advantages of opting for full time home cleaning services in Singapore is the comprehensive cleaning provided. Full time cleaners are dedicated to thoroughly cleaning every nook and cranny of your home. They have the time and resources to pay attention to detail and ensure that your home is spotless. From deep cleaning and upholstery cleaning to scrubbing floors and disinfecting surfaces, full time home cleaners go the extra mile to achieve a pristine living environment.

Consistent Maintenance

Another benefit of full time house cleaning is consistent maintenance. With a full time cleaner, you can enjoy the peace of mind that your home will remain clean and organized at all times. Full time cleaners typically follow a set cleaning schedule, ensuring that your home is maintained regularly. This consistency helps to prevent the buildup of dirt and dust, making it easier to keep your home in top condition.

Dedicated Service Providers

Deciding on full time house cleaning in Singapore  means having a dedicated team of professionals who are solely focused on maintaining the cleanliness of your home. These service providers are committed to delivering high-quality cleaning services and establishing long-term relationships with their clients. 

Key Differences with Part Time Cleaning

Higher Cost Investment

One of the key differences between full time and part time home cleaning is the cost involved. Full time cleaning services generally require a higher financial investment compared to part time cleaning services. This is because full time cleaners work for longer hours, providing a more comprehensive cleaning service. If you have a limited budget, you may need to consider whether the additional cost is worth the benefits of full time home cleaning.

Continuous Presence

Another significant difference between full time and part time home cleaning is the continuous presence of a cleaner. The benefit of engaging professional house cleaning on a full time basis is that you can expect a cleaner to be present throughout the day, ensuring that your home remains clean and organized at all times. This constant presence can be advantageous, especially if you have a busy household or frequently entertain guests. However, it may not be necessary for everyone, and part time cleaning might suffice if you only require cleaning assistance for a few hours a day.

Fixed Schedule


Full time home cleaning services usually follow a fixed schedule, with cleaners coming in daily or on specific days of the week. This fixed schedule provides a routine that allows for consistency in maintaining your home's cleanliness. However, it can also be less flexible compared to part time cleaning services. If you prefer the freedom to adjust your cleaning schedule according to your needs, you can opt to frequently engage a professional part time cleaner instead to meet your preferred schedule.


Part Time Home Cleaning




Part time house cleaning services in Singapore offer a cost-efficient alternative to full time cleaning. With part time cleaning, you only pay for the hours of service you require. This flexibility allows you to tailor the cost of a house cleaning service to meet your specific needs and budget. If you have a smaller home or don't require daily cleaning, part time cleaning can be a more cost-effective choice.

Flexible Scheduling

One of the main advantages of part time cleaning is the flexibility it offers in terms of scheduling. With part time cleaners, you can arrange cleaning sessions at your convenience. Whether you need assistance on weekdays, weekends, or specific times of the day, part time cleaners can accommodate your schedule. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for individuals with irregular work hours or those who prefer to be present during the cleaning process.

Customizable Services

Part time cleaning services not only provide tips for DIY cleaning but also provide the option to customize the cleaning tasks according to your specific requirements. Whether you need assistance with regular housekeeping, deep cleaning, or specific areas of your home, part time cleaners can tailor their services to suit your needs. This customization ensures that you receive the cleaning assistance you need without paying for unnecessary services.

Key Differences with Full Time Cleaning

Lower Cost Commitment

Compared to cleaning a house on a full time basis, part time cleaning requires a lower financial commitment. As part time cleaners work for fewer hours, the overall cost is significantly reduced. This can be advantageous if you have a limited budget or prefer to allocate your funds to other areas. However, it's important to consider whether the reduced cost aligns with your cleaning requirements and expectations.

Limited Time Availability

Unlike full time cleaning, part time cleaning services have limited availability. Part time cleaners typically work for a few hours each day and also offer weekly house cleaning, depending on your arrangement. This limited time availability may not be suitable for those who require extensive cleaning or have a larger home. If you have specific cleaning needs or a busy household, full time cleaning might be a more suitable option.

Variable Service Schedule

In contrast to house cleaning in Singapore done full time, part time home cleaning offers a flexible schedule, which can be advantageous for some individuals. However, this flexibility can also result in a variable service schedule. Depending on the availability of the cleaners, there may be fluctuations in the days or times they can provide their services. If having a consistent and regular cleaning schedule is important to you, full time cleaning may be a better choice.


Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Full Time and Part Time Cleaning

When deciding between full time and part time home cleaning services in Singapore, several factors should be considered:

Budget Constraints


Evaluate your budget and determine how much you are willing to invest in home cleaning services. Full time cleaning comes at a higher cost, while the cost of hiring a part time helper or part time cleaning is low compared to full time cleaning. Thus, consider your financial capabilities and choose the option that aligns with your budget constraints.

Cleaning Requirements

Assess the cleaning needs of your home.  If you have a larger home or require extensive cleaning on a regular basis, full time cleaning may be necessary. However, if you have a smaller space or only need assistance with specific tasks, part time cleaning should suffice. To prepare for a professional part time cleaner, you need to consider the scope of cleaning required to ensure your choice meets your needs.

Flexibility Needs

Consider your schedule and flexibility needs. The benefit of hiring a part time helper is that if you have a busy lifestyle or irregular work hours, they can provide the flexibility to arrange cleaning sessions at your convenience. On the other hand, if you prefer consistent and continuous cleaning, full time cleaning may be more suitable.

Privacy and Security Concerns


Evaluate your privacy and security concerns. With full time cleaning, there will be a continuous presence of cleaners in your home. If you value your privacy and prefer limited access to your home, part time cleaning might be a better option as long as you look out for signs that the part time cleaner is reliable

Long-Term vs. Short-Term Cleaning Goals

Some of the important things you need to consider before hiring a professional house cleaner on a part time or full time basis are your long-term and short-term cleaning goals. If you require ongoing and continuous cleaning services, full-time cleaning provides the consistency needed to maintain your home's cleanliness. However, if you have short-term cleaning goals or only need assistance for a specific period, part-time cleaning can better meet your requirements.


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Choosing between full time and part time home cleaning services in Singapore requires careful consideration of various factors. While full time cleaning offers comprehensive cleaning and consistent maintenance, it comes at a higher cost. On the other hand, part time cleaning provides cost-efficiency, flexibility, and customizable services. By assessing your budget, cleaning requirements, flexibility needs, privacy and security concerns, and long-term vs. short-term cleaning goals, you can make an informed decision. Whether you opt for full time or part time home cleaning, maintaining a clean and organized living space will contribute to a healthier and more comfortable environment for you and your family.


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