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In Singapore, many households often debate whether to hire a part time helper or a full time helper. In fact, both options have their own advantages and disadvantages. To help you make an informed decision based on your specific needs and circumstances, this article will explore the pros and cons of hiring a part time helper versus a full time helper in Singapore.


Part Time Helper


Cost Effective

One of the main advantages of hiring a part time helper in Singapore is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to a full time helper rate, the cost to hire part time helpers is usually lower or fixed based on the tasks they perform. This can significantly reduce your overall expenses, especially if you only require one time cleaning.

Highly Flexible


Another benefit of hiring a part time helper is the flexibility it offers as they can be scheduled to work at specific times that suit your needs and preferences. Whether you need assistance with house cleaning, cooking, or taking care of children, you can easily coordinate with the part time helper to ensure their availability during the required hours. 

Less Commitment

Hiring a part time helper also offers the advantage of reduced commitment. Unlike a full time helper, who typically requires a long-term contract, part time helpers can be engaged on an as-needed basis. This means that if your requirements change or you no longer need their services, you can easily adjust the schedule or terminate the arrangement without encountering legal or contractual complications.

More Privacy

For those who value privacy, hiring a part time helper can be a preferable option. Since part time helpers work only during specific hours, you can enjoy the privacy of your home when they are not present. This can be especially important for individuals or families who prefer having their personal space without the constant presence of a helper.

Reduced Legal Obligations

When you hire a part time helper in Singapore, you have fewer legal obligations compared to hiring a full time helper. Full time helpers are entitled to benefits such as paid leave, medical coverage, and housing allowances, which can add to your financial responsibilities as an employer. With a part time helper, you are not obligated to provide these benefits, reducing your legal obligations and financial burden.


Limited Availability


One important factor to consider when choosing a part time helper in Singapore is their availability which is often limited. Part time helpers often work with multiple clients, which means they may not be able to dedicate as much time to your household as a full time helper would. This can be a challenge if you require consistent assistance throughout the day or if you have complex household tasks that demand more time and attention.

Limited Working Hours

Part time helpers have limited working hours, which can be restrictive for households that require assistance during non-standard hours. If you need help early in the morning or late at night, it may be difficult to find a part time helper who can accommodate your specific schedule. This can be particularly inconvenient for families with working parents who require assistance during these hours.


Full Time Helper


Better Consistency

One of the main advantages of hiring a full time helper is the better consistency in the level of assistance provided. With a full time helper, you have someone who is dedicated to your household and can consistently perform various tasks without interruption. This ensures that your household operations run smoothly and efficiently, providing you with peace of mind.

Increased Convenience

Although hiring a part time helper can maximize your productivity, hiring a full time helper can bring you more convenience when it comes to managing your household. From cooking and cleaning to taking care of children or elderly family members, a full time helper can handle multiple responsibilities and provide support throughout the day. This increased convenience allows you to focus on other aspects of your life, such as work or personal commitments, without worrying about daily household chores.

Greater Availability


Unlike what you can expect from engaging a part time helper, who has limited working hours, full time helpers are available throughout the day. Their availability ensures that you have assistance whenever you need it, regardless of the time or the nature of the tasks. Whether it’s for urgent household needs or unexpected events, having a full time helper provides you with the peace of mind of having someone readily available to help.

Less Chances of Disruption

With a full time helper, you have a consistent presence in your home, which reduces the chances of disruption. Whether it’s due to illness, emergencies, or other unforeseen circumstances, part time helpers may occasionally be unable to fulfill their duties. In contrast, a full time helper can provide stability and continuity in the support they provide, ensuring that your household functions smoothly.


Higher Costs

One of the main drawbacks of hiring a full time helper is the higher costs involved. Compared to part time helpers, full time helpers require a monthly salary, benefits, and additional expenses such as accommodation and food allowances. These costs can significantly impact your budget, especially if you have other financial commitments or if you only require assistance for specific tasks and not throughout the entire day.

More Responsibilities

When you hire a full time helper, you take on the additional responsibility of managing and supervising their work. This includes providing clear instructions, setting expectations, and ensuring that the helper carries out their tasks effectively. This added responsibility requires time and effort on your part to ensure that the helper is performing their duties to your satisfaction.

Limited Privacy


Having a full time helper also means that there is a constant presence in your home, which may affect your privacy. While full time helpers can be considered part of the family, their continuous presence may limit the privacy of certain areas in your home. This can be a disadvantage for individuals or families who prefer to have their personal space without the constant presence of a helper.


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Understanding your specific needs, preferences, and budget will help you determine whether to hire a part time helper or a full time helper. Since both options have their own set of pros and cons, it’s important to carefully evaluate your circumstances before making a decision. Thus, consider factors such as cost, flexibility, availability, and privacy to determine which option best suits your household requirements. Whether you opt for a part time helper or a full time helper, engaging the right company can greatly enhance the quality of your life and provide valuable support in managing your household.


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